Thursday, May 1, 2014

Book Review: The Spiderwick Chronicles: Goblins Attack: Special Edition of the Seeing Stone.

This is a small book put together as a book for young readers.  It has a couple chapters from “The Seeing Stone” where Jared takes the seeing stone, and Simon is hauled off kidnapped by the goblins.  It also has an extra chapter of events that took place before the Simons moved into their aunt’s house.  Thimbletack was content with being a Brownie, keeping the house clean after Aunt Lucinda went away, always looking for her to return.  But 25 years was a bit much.  In addition the goblins attacked, asking for the secret book, which he has been protecting all this time.  He is only able to escape using his wit, but as he sits in the chair and thinks of his lot, he becomes more angry and more angry.  Why should he have to protect the book.  As he thinks, he slowly turns into a Boggart, and doesn’t care that water has spilled, and mixed with soot staining the carpet.

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