Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Movie Review: Disney Animation Classics 2

These Cartoon shorts are based on Aesop's Fables and Grimm Fairy Tales.  This presentation starts with three stories of the Three Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf.  The first "The Three Pigs" is the traditional story of the Three Pigs, with little variation of the classic tale.  The second, "The Big Bad Wolf" adds Little Red Robin Hood to the story, and the third pig is the rescuing hero.  The third, "The Three Little Wolves" is still about the Big Bad Wolf, and adds the story of "Crying Wolf."  The Bad Wolf's three sons also help him trick the two pigs.  Because they were teasing the other pig, blowing the wolf-warning horn and disturbing the third pigs work, he doesn't come when they blow the horn.  The two pigs have to trick the Bad Wolf into giving the horn a blow, and then the third pig comes with his wolf pacifier.  All three of these presentations include the song "Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf."  This is followed by "Lambert, the Sheepish Lion".  This is a very good story, and it too had a wolf, although not the Big Bad Wolf.  It is a wolf that jars the sheepish lion enough that he becomes a lionish lion and saves his mother.  "Chicken Little" has a fox instead of a wolf.  This version of the story is very gruesome and very harsh.  I guess you must be careful who you listen to.  "The Three Blind Mousketeers" is cute as they out duel the cat ad his many traps.  This concludes with Elmer the Elephant who has a crush on Tilliw the Tiger.  But all the other children make fun of him and his long nose, until he has a chance to prove himself. 

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