Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Musical Movie Review: **^The Frog Prince (1986)

This is not the Disney version, but a made for T.V. version, which not only has the prince who has been turned into a frog, but also two princesses, nieces of the king, and only one is a rightful princess.  The older sister is elegant and gives off the look of a princess; but she is also mean spirited, and treats others poorly.  However the younger sister has self esteem issues, mostly brought on by her sister who is always putting her down.  She wishes for a friend, and finds a frog.  However she and she frog become friends, and she now has someone to talk to.  Her sister notices the change in her, and kidnaps the frog, putting him in a pit where he is sure to die due to lack of water.  The music in this musical is forgettable, but I liked it for the characters, the king who has a good heart, the prince and the younger sister.  Aileen Quinn (also Annie) stars as the young princess, Helen Hunt as the mean sister. 

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