Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Music Review: ****Coldplay

I recorded Coldplay on Austin City Limits.  I asked Caleb if I should as I thought I had head of them.  Caleb told me to record it, and then I watched it with he and Alyssa last night.  I had watched most of it as it recorded, and recognized the song Viva la Vida.  Caleb had performed this with a band a couple yeas ago.  As I watched it last night Caleb said their best song was Paradise, which was the last song of he concert.  I must admit it is quite enjoyable.

I don't think I understand the video; but the song is enjoyable by itself.   Austin City Limits ended with an interview with the band.  They said they weren't the best musicians in the world, but that they really meshed well together.  I think it is good when parts come together to make an enjoyable whole. 

So you see, even and old fuddy duddy can enjoy some of this new music.

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