Sunday, April 27, 2014

Music Review: ****Oceana: As December Leaves

Oceana is the C.D. that the garage band my son was in through high school put together.  It had three members, my son Mark and his friends Chris Chavez and Andrew Loc.  Actually Andrew and Mark formed the group, but they needed a drummer so convinced Chris to join them.  However Chris' first love was guitar.  Andrew played guitar and Mark bass.  All three do vocals.  They called their music Emo-rock.  Chris did the mixing and recording work.  If anyone wants to check it out, since I have it on itunes, I could probably make them a copy on C.D.
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They start with an introductory instrumental "Prelude" with Andrew on piano and a friend on violin.  I really enjoy it.  It then goes into a piece that is probably too loud for my taste, but Mark has a nice bass riff.  My favorite is "The Seaside Burns Tonight."  I feel this song is as good as anything you hear on the radio.  Mark wrote the lyrics and provides lead vocal:
The Seaside Burns Tonight.
My heart is cold and weary
Your hands are warm so hear me
And teach me how to show you what I feel
There’s a fire burning through me begging to ensue me. 
This time I know, this time it must be real.
If I were made of glass you’d be the fire that made me.   I would shine for only you, and you alone.
If you could read my mind you would find that I’m
Giving up and living all that’s new
I would send you this message
That did not hear to test it
I promise you that I’d never grow tired of you

Mark also wrote the lyrics for "Still Here" about the conflict with your own demons, and overcoming them.  The cover song is very good "Oceana." "Sinking Stones" is also very fun.  "We are the sinking stone...Don't let me sink alone." This song has a long ending with instrumental and recorded war scene, which is a bit confusing.  The final number "Dreams of Drowning" is also very fun.  The vocals are very pleasing with the three all singing vocals.  "The forecast for tonight..."  This song ends with "We're all going out to sea," and then the sound of the ocean.

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