Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Book Reviews: ****The People of Sparks

This book was published in 2004 by Yearling Books.  It was written in 2004 by Jeanne DuPrau.  It is the second of the Ember series.  For reviews of the book/movie see below
After the main characters escape Ember, they are followed by over 500 others who make it out of the city.  Many others do not make it out, drowning in the river or being crushed in the crowd.  This included the mayor.  Now Doon and Lena are faced with the task of finding a way to sustain a group of 500 people, who have no experience in surviving on the surface of Earth.  They have been living underground for over 200 years.  After walking some distance, they come upon the City of Sparks.  This city includes survivors of three plagues and three wars.   They are fewer in number than the residents of Ember.  However they have food, and knowledge, and agree to allow the residents to stay six months, hoping but not really having faith, that b then thy will be able to support themselves.  Animosity exists between the two groups, and reaches a head as each side blames the other for some offense or another.   The City of Sparks decides on a day for the People of Ember to leave.  However, when the City of Sparks uses their weapon it starts a fire and the city is is peril.  I like this book for the tension between the groups, and the resolution of that tension.  It also talks about keeping your eyes open, to see the opportunities that might present themselves

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