Monday, April 14, 2014

Movie Review: **** Redtails

Red Tails (2012)
This is a very good exploration of African Americans in the military during WWII.  The attitude of military administration was that African Americans could not handle a fast moving airplane with all the intricacies involved.  The Black officers were kept out of the officers club, and called any number of derogatory words.  The most difficulty is they were given the worse planes, and the worse assignments, cleaning up areas already won in terms of air superiority.  It was only through heavy negotiation, and the bomber squadrons needing fighter protection to stay with them, that they were able to show their performance and get better planes and better missions where they could show their skill.  There is a nice rivalry in the movie between a German ace pilot and the American pilots.  There is also the effects of trauma which takes its toll on the men.  Many heroic episodes.  There is even a romance between Lightning and Sophia.  This kind of movie makes me nervous, because someone has to die. 
Terrence Howard  as Colonel Bullard
Cuba Gooding Jr. as Major Stance
Nate Parker as “Easy”
David Ayelowo as “Lightning”
Tristan Wilds as “Junior”
Daniela Ruah as Sophia

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