Saturday, April 12, 2014

Movie Review: **^Disney Animation Collection Volumn 5

This collection features Wind in the Willows which I previously reviewed with another collection.
It also includes five other animated shorts.
The Ugly Duckling: This is a Disney take on the Hans Christian Andersen classic.  The Ugly Duckling does not fit in, and is ostracized by his brothers as well as his mother.  However he does find his own kind, and is happy with his lot in the end.
The Grasshopper and the Ants:  This is based on the Aesop fable, but has a different ending.  The grasshopper likes to play the violin more than prepare for the winter.  However when winter comes, he is cold and starving.  In this instance the ants take him in because his skill of playing the violin can benefit the entire colony.
The Golden Touch:  This short is based on Greek mythology, and the king who whatever he touched it turned to gold.  This short deals with greed, and that everything is relative.  Even though everything turns to gold, there is nothing to eat but gold.  So someone with this curse cannot eat.  In this version Midas is restored to his former self, but gives away everything he possesses for the honor.
The Robber Kitten:  A kitten learns that the life of a robber is not all glamor, and sometimes minding your mother and having your bath is the right thing to do. 
The Wise Little Hen: This is based on the Russian folk tale "The Little Red Hen."  The hen asks both Peter Pig and Donald Duck to help her plant her corn, and then to help her harvest her corn.  Both time they cannot help because the have upset tummies.  When it is time to eat the corn they get castor oil in their bowl. 

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