Friday, May 23, 2014

Movie Review: ***Beethoven (1992)

A dog adopts a family where the father hates dogs.  In this case the dog is a Saint Bernard, which takes lots of care, and slobbers all over everything.  He chews shoes, makes messes and is generally obnoxious. The antics of Beethoven also are helpful and life saving to the family in their own way.  He saves the son from the bullies, helps the daughter meet the guy she likes, saves the youngest daughter when she falls into the pool.
But in this movie there is a sinister plot going on.  The local veterinarian is in charge of a ring of dog snatchers.  They use the animals for experiments.  They need a large dog to test a new type of bullet.  When he tricks the family into giving up the dog, after convincing the father that it is a dog prone to violence, they are on their way to save Beethoven from the dog nappers, and leads into a much bigger rescue than this.
This movie created six sequels.  But the original is the best.  The parents are portrayed by Charles Grodin and Bonnie Hunt.  The mean vet by Dean Jones.

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