Tuesday, May 13, 2014

TV Review: ****Star Wars: Clone Wars: Season One

Just a week ago there was an announcement that only the Lucas generated Star Wars projects are part of the official history of Star Wars, not the other books and literature in the Star Wars genre.  However, Close Wars is included in the official Star Wars History, and there is a lot of history here.  In this war we have most of the traditional characters as portrayed in Star Wars episode III.  The most significant character added is Ahsoka Tano, who is Anakin Skywalkers Jedi trainee.  She does add much to the series.  There are many adventures, and this show would take place between episodes II and III of the movie series.  There is still hope for the republic, and much of the series shows the struggle of the Jedi assisted by the clones, into help and free planets which have been captured by the drones.  The drones have many sophisticated and often secret weapons which the incorporate into their attacks.
I have enjoyed watching all 22 episodes.  They are entertaining.

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