Saturday, May 24, 2014

TV Review: Twilight Zone: One for the Angels (1959)

I decided to review each episode of Twilight zone, because except for the narrator (Rod Sterling), each episode has a different cast, and each episode also tells a unique story. 
This is the second episode of the first season.  Lou Bookman (Ed Wynn) has an appointment with Death (Murray Hamilton).  However, as many of us might want to do, he actually does.  He bargains with death, and gets an extension on his life.  He has unfinished business.  This business is to make the big sale, "One for the Angels.  He is a pitchman.  He sells items from a suitcase on the street.  But when he negotiates this with Death, he decides never to sell again. 
But death will not be denied.  So instead he sets his eyes on a child, a particular favorite of our pitchman.  The child is hit by a car, and in danger of dying.  She has an appointment now with death at midnight, taking Lou's place.
Lou sees his folly; but Death has already set his sights on someone else.  The only way the pitchman can save her, is by offering himself, but to do so he must make a sale for the ages.
Ed Wynn does an excellent job in this presentation.  He is laughing on the ceiling in "Mary Poppins" and is an actor I always enjoy.

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