Saturday, May 17, 2014

Movie Review: ***^ All Around the Town (tv movie 2002)

This is a really pretty good made for TV movie.  It is based on a book by Mary Higgins Clark.  It has as its story line the unraveling of a kidnapping.  Laurie (Kim Schraner) was kidnapped when she was four, and then found again when she was six.  The events around her parents dying, when she is a new college student, set in motion her defense mechanisms and a new chain of events.  A side-lite of these events, is a murder she is accused of.  Her defenses include several multiple personalities.  A psychologist (Michael Shanks) is helping her work through her past, in an effort to relief her of the personalities.  Memories of her past has caused her to loss her boyfriend.  Her older sister, Sarah (Andrea Roth) is supportive in helping her achieve closure.  Sarah is also an attorney and takes her sister's case.  Slowly the unravel the past, the murder and the kidnapping.
This book is interesting.  Tony could tell there was something wrong with the lead character.  However in this case, the kidnapping sexual molester was more creepy and more of a pervert. 
This movie was better than most of the tv movie fare.

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