Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Movie Review: ****^Moms' Night Out (2014)

This movie is a comedic good time.  I found myself laughing out loud several times.  As did our entire group including Tony.  Although Tony admitted after he laughed because everyone else was laughing.  There were some really good scenes with the kids, which if you didn't laugh would make you cry.
Sarah Drew portrays Allyson, the mother of three, who is overwhelmed with motherhood and organized a Moms' night with her friend, Izzy (Logan White) and the pastor's wife, Sondra (Patricia Heaton).  She leaves her husband (Sean Astin) and his friend who has never grown up (Kevin Downes).  This night is not one which ends up happy.  Everything you can think of goes wrong, and a few things I could never think of.  However for the plot, after their reservations at the restaurant don't work, they go bowling, but not until Allyson has locked all cell phones in the van.  At the bowling alley, where Allyson's sister-in-law (Abby Cobb) has a new job, they discover they don't know who is watching sister-in-law's baby.  This leads them on a wild goose chase, in a taxi as husband needed the van to take the kids out and himself to the hospital, which they don't know as their phones are in the van.  They report the van stolen.
They recruit the taxi driver (David Hunt) and a tatooist, motor cycle rider, Bones (Trace Adkins).  Turns out things keep getting worse, and they all end in the slammer.  Still no baby, and not much hope of finding the baby.
This is a wild ride.  When it is at the lowest point for Allyson, it is the biker who reminds her that God loves her, and she is where she is suppose to be.  Sometimes, wisdom comes from the most unsuspecting place.  And you never no when someone is on his way to rescue you.
Great movie and great ride.

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