Sunday, May 18, 2014

Movie Review: ***Freaky Friday (2003)

This is a Disney remake, with a modern spin, of an original Disney movie.  While the original had Jodie Foster, this version starred Lindsay Lohan.  This version also has Jamie Lee Curtis as the mother, and Mark Harmon as her fiance.
There are some very cute scenes in this movie.  The theme as that we do not always see each other for what they are going through, because we see through our own eyes.
Anna and her mother don't see eye to eye.  They get in a big argument at a Chinese restaurant.  The mother of the owner sees the arguing, and intervenes with magical fortune cookies.  These cookies cause them to change personalities, a sort of switch of yourself into the other's body.  This cause some fun situations, including a crush going for your mom, which is you in your mom's body, and other episodes at school.  The point is they have to grow, and see things from the other perspective, for the situation to go back to normal.
Tony really enjoyed this show, and I less so.

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