Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Movie Review: **^The Lone Ranger (2013)

This movie did not not receive great acclaim. and it is understandable.  Johnny Depp portrays Tonto and Armie Hammer the Lone Ranger.  The Lone Ranger is deputized by his brother to chase the bandit Butch Cavendish (William Fichtner).  They are betrayed by a ranger, and all killed, with Butch eating the brother's heart as they are long enemies.  However the white horse (later to be called Silver) picks the younger brother as a spirit walker, one who can't be killed in battle, and he comes back to life.  They set off to prevent an Indian war (Butch and his men are impersonating Comanche to incite a war.  They get their war, and the Calvary slaughters the Comanche with a Gatling gun.  This is with the motivation of getting the Indian land where they have discovered silver.  Some of this movie is hard to follow; like how did Tonto get a long ladder on the train which made it so he could change one one train to the other?  How did he get the madame (Helena Bonham Carter) to help him with the bank robbery?  Ruth Wilson portrays the wife of the older brother, and love interest of the Lone Ranger.  Of course the real bad guy is the train boss, who is wanting to use the silver to take over the train company.
Some historical things are weird.  Why did they film in Monument Valley.  There never was a railroad there and it is not on the way to Promontory Point.  The driving of the golden spike is represented, but everything goes awry that day.

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