Saturday, May 10, 2014

Disney Animation Classics: Volume 4: The Tortoise and the Hare

This is another series of Disney animated shorts, showing Disney work.  In the "Tortoise and the Hare" (1939) Max Hare's problem was his own self pride, and his wanting to flatter the girls rather than focusing on the race.  The Toby Tortoise was the steady hero.
The next presentation, "Babes in the Wood" (1932) is a take off of Hansel and Gretel.  Except there are more babies involved, and their as wood elves who help the children.  The witch turns children into other things, but with the intervention of the elves they are able to set everything right. 
"The Goddess of Spring" (1934) explains why we have seasons instead of continual Spring.  The Spring Goddess was stolen by the devil for his bride in Haddes.  She was so sad, thee devil agreed she could go to the surface six month every year.  This movie again shows the wood elves. 
"Toby Tortoise Returns" (1936) for a boxing match with the hare.  Things again are going well for thee hare, until he tries fire works to get the tortoise out of his shell.  The back fire, and the hare is left in the ambulance by a rocket.
"Paul Bunyan" (1958) is based on an American myth.  The person of Paul Bunyan is used to explain lakes, the Tetons, clearing of the country of timber, the Northern Lights, and any number of geologic formations.  However, this has never been a tail I enjoyed because it gets just too outlandish. 
"The Saga of Wind Wagon Smith" (1961) with Rex Allen and the Sons of the Pioneers tells another American tall tail.  This tail is based on some true stories, as there were three pioneers who had developed wind powered wagons.  However this type of travel never did gain much popularity.  In this story the Captain rides off into the wind with the mayors daughter, which is a nice touch.  However, the entire town lost their investments. 

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