Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Theatrical Review: Scrooge: The Musical, Temple Hill (2016)

Let me start by saying that this is not my favorite musical of "A Christmas Carol."  However I enjoyed it more than the movie.  Second, it was obvious this was presented by amateur actors, with busy lives outside of acting.  However it has lots to recommend it.  The dancing was superb, and the sets were fantastic.  Greg Casper, who direct Pageant they year we were in it, portrayed Christmas Present.  Dwight Long from our Stake Broadway Review played Fezziwig, and did a marvelous job, leading the song, "December the 25th."  However, most of the music here was forgettable; that is just the way it was written.
The love songs just weren't quite love songs, as they talked about happiness rather than love.  There is some emotion in the song Scrooge sings, looking back at his failed opportunity for love.  You...you were my only love.  It is touching.  The other song I like is the redemption son "I'll Begin Again" and Scrooge did.  His life is remarkable changed, that is why I so much enjoy this story. 

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  1. Dwight E Long Thanks for the great review and thanks for not mentioning my dancing ability.