Sunday, December 4, 2016

Movie Review: Daredevil

This is a movie based on a Marvel Comics character.  Ben Affleck plays Daredevil (aka Matt Murdock), who as a boy was blinded by toxic waste.  However the waste enhanced his other senses.  His sense of sound gives him radar like abilities.  He also has increased sense of smell.  He in fact becomes a Spider Man like character defending the city.  He falls for Elektra (Jennifer Garner), who is a master of martial arts.  She is the daughter of a criminal boss; who wants his daughter to be prepared.  Both Elektra's mother and Daredevil's father were killed by the same man.  Now that man is coming for Elektra and her father.  Her father wants to leave the crime business.  Elektra and Daredevil spar a few times, and Elektra is every bit his equal.  The assassin Bullseye (Collin Ferrell) and the crime boss Kingpin (Michael Clarke Duncan) make formidable opponents.  In fact Bullseye does manage to kill the father, and Daredevil is blamed as he uses his special cane.  This sets the movie on a spiral that is very unexpected.
This movie touches the theme of whether or not a super hero can have a normal life.  Can they have people they love?

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