Friday, December 9, 2016

Book Review: Merry Christmas From...

Merry Christmas From...: !50 Christmas Cards You Wish You'd Receive, by Karen Robert, William Morrow an Imprint of Harper Collins Publishers, New York, 2008.

This book shares, as it says 150 home made cards.  Some home made card makers are very clever, and some not so much so.  I would say about 20 of the cars are really noteworthy; and the rest are sort of boring.  I like the present on the pregnant belly.  That was cute.  The naked children butts I didn't really care for.  However there some farm interpretations that are really cute.  I especially like the family with the tractor.  It looks really rural.  There were way too many dog cards, but the dogs coaxing the cat into the oven was cute.  Ginger bread triplets, and giant baby were also really clever.  I think the best is the winter wonderland card, with the winter wonderland scene painted on several feet.  Well done.
This book is good for ideas, but I don't think I would ever go to the length of actually making Christmas cards that way.  however we have put family portraits on a card at Costco before.

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