Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Christmas Music Review: The 4 Seasons' Christmas Album

I must admit,  I don't much care for the 4 Seasons' brand of Christmas music.  There are lots of songs her, without about half of the numbers being medleys with three or four songs.  They sing with their really high falsetto, but the slide note changes and it is really obnoxious.  However, they do sing "What Child is This?" with a cello that is really gratifying.   Frankie Valli is their lead singer, and he sings high than a female soprano.  The try a couple new songs and they both fail.  "Christmas Tears" has the premise that I am crying as you are not here this Christmas, and "Jungle Bells" is a take on "Jingle Bells" for animals.  I guess it is a kid's song.  "White Christmas" had nice vocals, but a tambourine was played throughout and it just became obnoxious.  I enjoyed them less on the secular numbers than the spiritual numbers.

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