Thursday, December 15, 2016

Christmas Movie Review: Vocal Point: Christmas Under the Stars

Vocal point is an a capella men's group at BYU.  It is made up of nine students.  Among those is a mouth percussionist, who gives a percussion solo.  This was presented on BYUTV this year.  I don't know how long they keep this things available, but this is one I am glad I did not miss.  This is some great Christmas music.  One of my favorites in "One Bell" which they sing with One Voice Children's Choir.  It really comes off as one bell piercing the night, bringing a new day.  Ryan Innes joins them of "Hallelujah" which is also lovely.  Madilyn Paige joins for "Winter Wonderland," and Peter Hollens for "Infant Holy."  They are also joined by BYU Noteworthy (women's a capella) for "Oh Come All Ye Faithful."  Their concluding number (except for the encore) is Silent Night which is very beautifully done.  Thy also show a clip from the t.v. show "Random Acts" which is very touching and a good example of compassion.  The encore number, "Joy to the World" they are joined by all the performers.  They say their primary focus is to sing of the Savior, and that joy and message comes through in their music.

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