Saturday, December 17, 2016

Christmas Movie Review: Winter Thaw

This movie is currently playing on  It is really spectacular with John Rhys-Davies playing an old man, who lost his wife when she was young, and raised their only son alone.  He is a poor cobbler.  His wife appears to him in a dream, and says He will come today, let Him in.  He takes this to mean the Lord.  That day the cobbler has four visitors.  The first a man of means, needing a shoe repair.  This man talks to him about his family, and he admits he is estranged from his son.  The man says "it is never too late."  He then receives a neighbor, who is in the cold sweeping the sidewalk.  He comes in and warms himself, and the cobbler gives him a new pair of boots as the cobbler notices the need.  He asks the man to come and make sure he is not dead, as he expects the Lord is coming to take him.  The man agrees, if he will let him know what the Lord said if he is not dead.  Next a woman and her baby appear on her door step.  He takes them in and feeds the woman, while holding the baby.  This is the food he intended for the Lord.  He arranges board for her, until her position starts in a week.  Next a young man is taken in the act of stealing.  He has been stealing from many merchants.  He is hungry.  The man intercedes for him, pays off what he has stole, and talks to the boy about working for food, not stealing.  It seems he has changed.  While the man was out, he figures the Lord visited, and marked his scriptures.  He realizes the message given him is that it is not too late, even though now he has nothing but himself to give to his son.  He makes the journey to his son's farm, and tears are shed.  The man returns in the morning, and does not find the cobbler in his home.  On the table is carved, "It is not too late."
This movie has a similar theme to "A Christmas Carol." that of redemption.  The man had made mistakes during his life, which alienated his son.  However his son still needed him.

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