Friday, December 16, 2016

Music Review: Christmas Under the Stars, Amy Grant and Michael W Smith with Jordan Smith

Amy Grant and Michael Smith are very professional, and have a lot of Christmas songs under the belts, but the high light of this concert is being able to hear Jordan Smith, winner of The Voice.  The BYU Chamber Orchestra joins them.  This presentation is currently available at BYUTV.ORG  Amy Grant's version of Jingle Bells is unique with her changing of tempos.  It made it fun.  She and Jordan Smith sing "Grown-up Christmas List" beautifully.  Josh Smith has a soprano voice higher than that of Amy grant it seems, and he uses his voice to good effect.  The trio does an excellent job with "Silent Night."  They go back and forth between a more relaxed setting, in a home setting, and in front of an audience.  Amy Grant also sings "Breath of Heaven" taking on the roll of Mary to good effect.  Michael Smith sings a medley of familiar songs, with a more rock feel.   He calls it "Gloria."  He sings what I have in my heart at this time of year.  Jordan Smith sings "Oh Holy Night" beautifully, hitting all the soprano notes.  They sing together a song "All is Well" which is very fitting, as it describes the peace that can be found at Christmas.

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