Thursday, December 22, 2016

The King's Singers - Christmas (HD 1080p)

This is the best of music.  The King's Singer's is a groups from England.  They have a way of making every song unique.  In this C.D. they sing  familiar songs, as well as those not familiar.  The make them all their own.  Te sing in several different languages.  The sing very high, and the sing low.  I love this music.  The make precise harmonies.  The cords often resonate within me with pleasure.  This group is generally a quartet.  However at least one song they conquer with a quartet.  They have a really high tenor.  His style of singing is very enjoyable.  there is a baritone and 2nd tenor who often take solos and do a terrific job.  "Rise Up Shepherd and Follow" is very well done.  there slide of note at the end to resolve the cord is splendid.  'There Is a Flower is also very nice."  Noel Nouvelet has both tenors and basses taking turns at percussion type sounds.  Their German "Silent Night" is beautiful.

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