Sunday, December 18, 2016

Movie Review: ***^Pete's Christmas (2013)

This is a made for TV movie.  This is really a very clever take on "The Ground Hog Day" theme, but with Christmas that keeps repeating.  I actually prefer this version.  Of course this version has young people, and no suicides, and just comes off better, as Pete (Zachary Gordon) tries to heal the relationship between his father (Rick Roberts) and his grandfather (Bruce Dern.)  At the same time he goes from losing to winning the football game, and courts the new girl (Bailee Madison) who moved in next door.  His mother (Molly Parker) is the busy doctor  who doesn't have enough time to finish dinner.  During the repeating day, Pete teaches himself to play guitar, cook, play football, and catch the girl, and convinces the family to go caroling throughout the community.

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