Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Movie Review: ***^The Light Between Oceans

I have been a long time writing a review about this movie.  This is a movie about love, and love tested.  Sometimes it is amazing what a love can survive.  After WWI Tom Sherbourne (Michael Fassbender) takes a job at a remote light house.  This job takes him to a beautiful island, but away from society.  The prospects become more tolerable when he falls in love with the woman, Isabel Graysmark (Alicia Vikander) and the marry.  However they are not as lucky in having babies.  Living away from others, there is no medical care other than what they give each other.  The first pregnancy is miscarried, and the second stillborn.  (This reminded me so much of my marriage to Sheri, after the same results with our first two pregnancies.  In our case this was followed by six beautiful babies and one beautiful adopted baby.)  While they are still grieving, a boat washes up to shore.  In the boat the discover a deceased man, with a baby, maybe six months.  Just a bit older than theirs.  Isabel still has milk and nurses the baby, and quickly falls in love.  A plan is hatched to adopt the baby, first by Isabel, who convinces her husband to go along.  Her husband is the employee, and falsifies his daily log, and removes the marker from their own baby's grave.  There baby is now this new baby.  And this has the makings of a really bad adoption story.  A couple things do them in in their plot, but mostly Tom's conscious.  When he meets the mother (Rachel Weisz) of their child, he is at a crisis.  He reveals enough to give himself away, and he does everything he can to absolve his wife of any guilt.  His wife is angry at him for giving their "child" away.  this is where the testing of their love takes place.  Can love last such a struggle?
This movie gives many beautiful scenes, with a troubling plot.  It had to end badly.

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