Friday, October 30, 2015

Musical Review: The Addams Family Musical (1 of 4)

I was turned on to a song from this musical by our Broadway review, and felt it would be nice to see the entire musical.  This video is the first of 4 (the roll over automatically) from a production from Sarasota, Florida Players Theatre performed in 2014.  Warnings, it shows a child smoking because he is "stressed."  It also shows too much cleavage and makes a joke of a grandmother wetting herself. Now the bad stuff is out of the way, there is much to enjoy here.  The story is about a young woman growing up, and becoming engaged, and the family dealing the pressures this creates.  The music is lively, and the actors do very well.  I especially like the characters of the grooms parents.  They are sufficiently hysterical, and part of the story is about them refinding the flame.  In fact this story is about all three couples growing and rekindling their flames.  The song presented at the Broadway review is still probably the one I like best:
Let's live before we die... 
lets laugh before we cry
Let's hold each other tight and die
Let's try before we fail
Let's fly before we bail
Let's keep things black and white and dance!

The dance adds a lot to this song.  Enjoy!!!!!!

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