Saturday, October 10, 2015

Picture Book Review: Scaredy-cat, Splat!

Scaredy-cat, Splat!  by Rob Scotton, Harper, New York, 2010.
This is a first for this blog, the review of a picture book.  In this case the author also did the pictures  He points out that this is the fourth of his "Splat" books.  This one has a Halloween theme.  Splat, is a cat, and his illustration is really crazy.  I love his hair.  He is a black cat.  This story is about how Spla,t scared of even a tiny spider, can become the scariest of all the cats in school.  How this happens is really rather funny, because to be honest, Splat's costumes are sort of lame.  
I read this to Tony--who is beyond the picture book stage, but we enjoyed it all the same.  There must be some grandbaby who would love this one.

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