Friday, October 2, 2015

Book Review: The Last Apprentice (7): Rise of the Huntress

The Last Apprentice: Rise of the Huntress by: Joseph Delany, illustrations by: Patrick Arrasmith, Greenwillow Books, New York, 2010.  
It would surprise you who the huntress turns out to be.  In this book, the county is overrun as the war goes poorly.  This includes the Spook's home, which is burned and his library destroyed, and the boggart is gone.  The find themselves refugees and flee to a nearby island.  This is a bad mistake.  Boney Lizzy, a bone witch has also escaped to the island.  So everywhere on the island they are picking up anything that has anything to do with the dark, and testing them with a roll down a hill with a spiked ball.  If they survive they must be witches and are fed to the buggane, a creature of the dark.  Tom and Alice are taken prisoner, and survive the roll, but are captured all the same.  Bony Lizzy is also captured, and they make a pact to escape.  Bony Lizzy manipulates things to take over the island, and the Spook, Alice (Lizzy's daughter) and To the apprentice are especially sought out for slow deaths.  And Lizzy has tapped into the buggane's cache of stolen human energy from his victims over the years.  These books seem to grab me and keep me reading.  I was up late last night finishing this one.  I have a few days off as the next book is at work.

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