Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Book Review: The Last Apprentice (8): Rage of the Fallen

The Last Apprentice Eight Rage of the Fallen by Joseph Delaney, illustrations by Patrick Arrasmith, Random House PUblishing, New YOrk, 2011.
In this case, the fallen is the twin sister of the water witch that Tom, The Apprentice, and Bill Arkwright killed while he was in training with Arkwright.  The Apprentice, his Master and Alice all travel to the Green Isle to escape the war, and there they are drawn into a battle against the dark, while at the same time the witch seeks to extract her revenge.  Part of that revenge is to give Alice to the Fiend, where she is taken to hell.  The dark god Mogorath, a large crow, is released to chase Tom, and Pan, another god of the never world is also released, but turns out to like Tom.  Many adventures with times I couldn’t put the book down and wanted to know what happened next.  These books are very good reads.  The major battle in this book is against the Fiend, who comes for Tom’s soul, but finds himself bound by silver spears instead. 

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