Monday, October 12, 2015

Picture Book: A Very Brave Witch

This is another picture book.  A Very Brave Witch i by Allison McGhee, illustrated by Harry Bliss, Scholastic, New York, 2006.
The story is really pretty lame and really doesn't make since.  A witch mistakes Trick or Treat for Trick a tree and falls off her broom flying around a tree.  It does show that witches and humans can get along.  However Tony pointed out some fun things about the illustrations.  There are many scary creatures, and the witches all dress about the same, and they always ride the broom by straddling it, including the cat.  The fun things Tony pointed out are the hands coming up through a grave and playing catch with itself using a pumpkin; The dragon poofing into a witch; And of course it ends with 'Happy Halloween."
However this book does not make the keeper pile.

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