Saturday, October 24, 2015

Movie Review: **^The Cariboo Trail (1950)

This movie takes place in Canada.  It involves a group of men who have a dream of becoming cattle ranchers in Canada.  However the local gold minors do not take cattle to cattle runners, feeling their economy is set.  They run the cattle off, and end up rustling them or butchering them.  In this one of the men is injured and ends up losing his arm.  He becomes embittered and joins the gold men's boss who owns most of the town.  When one of the men, Jim Redfern  (Randolph Scott) finds gold, the town boss turns this on him too and he has to run for his life.  Local gold prospector Grizzley (George Gabby Hayes) takes a liking to our boys, and just happens to have cattle relatives who sponsor a drive of 300 cattle to the area.  They bring them north, but again our bad guys want to steal them.  It ends in a big shootout situation.
The thing I didn't understand was why the gold miners where so set against cattle men.  You would think they like steak as well as anyone.  In the end our embittered friend is the one who turns on the gold boss, and saves the day.

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