Thursday, October 8, 2015

Movie Review: ***The Black Spurs (1965)

The Black Spurs (1965).  This is another Rory Calhoun offering in which he portrays Santee.  A good man, who has a good prospect with a beautiful woman (Linda Darnell) who becomes bent on becoming a bad man as a bounty hunter.  He hunts down someone for a $3000 reward, and takes his black spurs, marking his new life.  He then pursues bounty hunting and makes a career of it.  He decides to take on more profitable pursuits, destroying a town’s reputation so the rail line will go another way.  He brings in prostitution and gambling and a group of thugs to support his way.  In other words, anything to make the town become a bad town.  The railroad will bypass them for sure, and other towns will get the railroad depot.  However, he changes his mind, based on his discovering that his girl bore his son, and then married another guy to give the son a name.  Now he has a town to clean up.

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