Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Picture Book Review: Dr. Seuss: If I Ran the Zoo

Dr. Seuss is the master of the rhyming picture book, and here we have a wonderful example of this.  He is also the master of someone's imagination running away, and her is another example.  Young Gerald McGrew does just that, and his imagination goes everyplace as he describes the incredible animals he would have in the zoo, and the wonderful places he would go to find them.  Of all the animals, the one I liked best is the iota from the far western part of south-east North Dakota, not to be outdone by the iota from the north-eastern west part of South Carolina.  I really like the blue hair of the iota, and the silly looking face.
This book is entertaining as you try to think of what type of incredible animal you would have in the zoo.

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