Friday, October 2, 2015

Movie Review: The Last Sin Eater (2007)

The Last Sin Eater:  Somehow when I watched this I missed the word Last.  Had I picked up on this, maybe I could have better guessed the ending.  However if I had guessed the ending, maybe I wouldn’t have enjoyed the movie so much.  This is about a rural community with lots of superstition and part of this is that they have a sin eater who will hear everyone’s confession before they day and take upon himself their sins.  This movie is about a girl, who figures she has committed a grievous sin, and it is haunting her.  She seeks out the sin eater to bless her during the day.  Overlayed with this, is a Christian minister who has come to preach.  
The people are against any outsiders, but his arrival causes a great change in the community.  My only complaint is the actors used such a thick accent "sin eater" sounded like somebody's name and it wasn't until later I realized what they were saying. Directed by Michael Landon Jr. and features Liana LIberato.

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