Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Movie Review: ***The Man from Bitter Creek (1955)

This is an entertaining film.  There is plenty of gun play, and some pretty poor shooting.  Lex Barker (after his Tarzan days) stars as Jeff Carr, a man working for the stage lines to determine who has been robbing their stages and how they know when is the best time to hold up the stage.  He is drawn into the robberies by first being accused of being one of the robbers, and barely misses a lynching mob. However after his alibi plays out he is released form jail.  However he was hoping to do some undercover work, but quickly learns his cover was blown before he started, and the thieves knew he was coming.  Turns out there is a sheep vs cow problem in town, and the cattleman is running for sherif is sure to win.  Turns out he has been using the money from the hold up to finance his campaign of buying everyone drinks etc.  He has a good thing going, but will t=our hero prove what is going on before the election.

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