Thursday, July 17, 2014

Music Review: Vanessa Williams: The Real Thing

This album is presented as rhythm and blues.  I feel it is jazz.  SO I am left with a wonderment as to what is the difference between the two genres. 
At any rate, Vanessa Williams has a very elegant picture on the cover, and the music is just that, very elegant.  However, most of the songs are long and drawn out.  There were a couple songs I liked more than others, mostly because they had more character and energy.   “Loving You” uses a swear word and faster tempo to give it some emotion, and it works.  “Come on Strong” uses a bass riff at the fist which sets the mood for the entire song, and this is my favorite.  “Close to You” has a very nice lyric.  This song also has a section in Spanish talking about how many tear, which I like.  “October Sky” is a duet with Javier Colon which is also very nice.  However most of the songs are forgettable tunes with a strong jazz flavor.  If you love Vanessa Williams, or enjoy this type of music then this is a good CD.  However for me, it gets old fast.

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