Saturday, July 12, 2014

Movie Review: ***^Earth to Echo (2014)

This is about a group of kids, friends, Alex, Tuck and Munch (Teo Halm, Astro and Reese Hartwig) who live in a neighborhood which has been condemned and everyone is being evicted, with some leaving tomorrow.  They have one last night together.
However they are going to make it meaningful.  Their cell phones have gone weird, and they discover it is a map to a location 20 miles away.  They decide to take their bikes and see what's up, and maybe save their community.
When they get there, they find a hunk of metal.  Munch is a hoarder and decides to keep it.  As they leave, their phones adjust and now a new location is shown.  When they get there a piece of metal attaches to the hunk of metal, and they discover the metal is coming alive.  They have really discovered a damaged alien robot.  The third map shows the home of a girl, Emma (Ella Wahlestedt) who has a crush on Alex.  She discovers them, as the next piece of metal is in her room and she sees the alien robot.  She wants to come with them, but they refuse.
However, there are men looking for them, or the alien, and when they confront the boys about being out, Emma, who has followed them, rescues them by telling a big lie.  Things are not all as the appear.  The robot has powers to manipulate matter, but will this power be enough to get him to his ship and get him home?  The strange men are relentless.
Tony really liked this move.  It has some very funny parts.  The kids sneak up on Munch and scare him, almost to a hart attack.  The presentation is different than most movies.  It is based on a theme that this is Tuck's home movie.  They have a spy camera, as well as a camera that always runs.  Munch is pretty good with technology.  Alex is a foster child.
The theme is that of friendship.  At one point Alex is left behind and caught by a security guard.  The boys run, but later realize their mistake.  In the end it is friendship, covering each others back, that gets them through.
Tony had a dilemma.  The boys sneak out.  Tony asked me after what would happen if he did that.  I said he would get in big trouble unless he had a good reason, like saving somebody like the boy.

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