Friday, July 11, 2014

Music Review: Miley Cyrus: Breakout

I love the young Miley Cyrus.  The Hannah Montana thing was good and wholesome.  Miranda ans I went to the 3-D concert; it was fun.  Miley is no longer fun.  She has lost herself, trying to find herself.  The best song on this album is a cover, " Girls Just Want to Have Fun".  I don't care for the song "Breakout" but enjoy "These Four Walls" and "Bottom of the Ocean" which have the old feel.  Cyrus has a nice voice which is pleasing to listen to; she doesn't need any gimmicks.  She concludes with "Goodbye" which has very good energy and emotion.  The title for the album is telling.  Breakout not breaking out.  She is using a command to herself.  I find that telling.

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