Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Music Review: William Gutierrez: Calling the Eagle

This is a CD of native American Flute Music.  Native American flute sounds cool, and it has that haunting quality of the floating flute music with the stops that only an accomplished musician can do.
However in the case of this music, a little is better.  You hear it sometimes at the beginning of a movie, but only a minute or so.  With songs five or six minutes long, you spend most of the song hoping for it to be over.  And the music is almost always slow, which tends to be good going to sleep music, but not staying awake music.  “Children’s Song” is the only one that gets out of that mode and creates a more up tempo beat. 
All the songs are solo melodies, with the exception of Sandia Canyon which somehow has an echo, perhaps created by a second flute.  The love songs are much too slow, and become boring quickly to me.

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