Thursday, July 31, 2014

Music Review: Chet Atkins: Relaxin’ With Chet

Chet Atkins: Relaxin’ With Chet, Delta Entertainment, 1999.
This C.D. is very relaxing, and at times too much so.  It is all instrumental, featuring Chet Atkins on the guitar.  Some of the tunes are catchy, while others are repetitive and boring.  The first song, “Blues for Dr. Joe” starts off with a very pleasing bass guitar and then adds lead guitar.  However, the middle of the song degenerates into organ note progression which is very boring.  With luck, the song ends where it started, with another catching blues melody on the guitar.  Another song that has a catchy fell is “Say Si, Si.” 
Chet does an excellent job on the guitar, however most of these songs are just too much, and I seem to get ored quickly, even when the guitar playing is excellent.  Relaxing music is true; however there was no indication on the C.D. case that this was all instrumental.

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