Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Music Review: The Americus Brass Band: Music of the Civil War

The Americus Brass Band: Music of the Civil War: Original Instruments, Summit Records, 1991.
This is a brass band using original instruments and playing Civil War era music.  It is very moving.  There are 18 melodies in all.  The “”Fireman’s Polka” included some vocals.  “Tenting on the Old Camp Ground” had such a haunting and melancholy fell is was very nice.  Of course “Dixie’s Land Medley and “Battle Cry of Freedom” are favorites although they are a bit different arrangements, they sound more period.  There are many lively tunes, and then “Amazing Graze” is slow and soft.  It is extremely effective.  I think it starts with a lone trumpet; at least some instrument and then builds.  “Glory Hallelujah” is also very well done and is very lively.  “Kazzodie Ko Whirl” is very long, but it includes a medley of popular songs including “Wait for the wagon” and “Pop, goes the weasel.”  Others of my favorites are “When Johnny Comes Marching Home.”  I love this song and they do a good job.  I also like the “Civil War Folk Song Medley.”  There is lots to enjoy here including “Old Susannah.” 
This CD has a good sound overall.  It is instrumental, but manages not to put me to sleep.  It also has some very pleasant tunes, and gives an idea of what a military band of the Civil War era may have played.

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