Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Music Review: Seals and Croft: Summer Breeze

  This is Seals and Crofts.  This is another of my old records which I replaced with a used c.d. at Street light C.D.  The title song makes this disc more than worth it.  This is a song I can listen to over and over.  I keep trying to sing with it, and get mad at myself for not doing better; then I realized theirs is a duet, with two parts, and I can’t copy that by myself.  However I really like the way this is performed and the picture it paints of domestic tranquility.  Hummingbird is also a favorite, and has a religious connotation to the artist.  Say has an upbeat catchiness, and Boy Down the Road tells a nice story, and does the Funny Little Man.
When I was college age I had a flair for Seals and Croft, and studied a bit about the BaHa'i faith as a result.  That was when I was intellectual and not very humble.  Life has mellowed me now, and that intellectual stuff doesn't appeal to me much any more.  Some of the songs have a special flair.  I particularly don't like "Yellow Dirt Down in his Soul"  but in this case, "Summer Breeze" makes this album a keeper.

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