Sunday, March 30, 2014

Music Review: A Charlie Brown Christmas: Vince Guaraldi Trio

This is the original sound track recording of the CBS television special.  Vince Guaraldi arranged or wrote most of the music.  It is performed by piano, bass and drum.  The music throughout has a Jazz feel, and is all instrumental except for "Christmas Time is Here" and  "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" sung by the Peanuts children.  I really enjoy the music, and it has a very catchy rhythm.   "Linus and Lucy" is a classic.  This song sets your blood moving.  This is the music most associated with this presentation.  Even Miranda likes to play it.  the movement in the bass hand of the piano is just cool.  Another song that moves is "Skating".  I must admit, the middle of the music gets a bit lengthy; of course this is because just listening to the music, you don't have the animated action to watch.

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