Saturday, March 22, 2014

Mormon Movie Review: ***^ One Man's Treasure

This was an enjoyable movie of a mission district taking their P-Day to pursue a treasure map left by an Elder that was transferred out of the town suddenly, and then there were no missionaries for a couple years. 

The missionaries who were just recently assigned to the area, are looking for success.  One elder, the district leader, has had no success, and has his doubts about the hunt for "a treasure." He agrees as long as the hunt is done before P-day ends.  Three sets of missionaries compete against each other.  The clues are fairly complicated, and the hunt is exciting as the missionaries explore the clues. What is more interesting, is that as they are being out, they meet people by being available to do a good deed, an inactive member who invites them over, someone who use to know the missionaries.  They actually have and appointment set up--before P-Day ends.  And as luck would have it, the appointment falls through.  This movie has a minor twist at the end, which was predictable, but was entertaining all the same.

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