Saturday, March 29, 2014

Book Review: Never Coming to a Theater Near You

I grabbed this book as a reference book for movie ideas.  It is written by Kenneth Turan, critic for PBS and Los Angeles Times and published in 2004.  I was thinking this may be a way for me to hear about a movie I might be interested in watching.  However, I have been disappointed in this endeavor.  As I looked at the book, which has over 150 movie reviews, I realized the tastes of the critic who wrote the book, and my tastes do not match.  First off, over 90 percent of the movies in the book are rated R.  I am not interested in movies with that rating, and sometimes even PG-13 movies are pretty rank.  I discovered this by reading the Parental guidance ideas from Yahoo Movies.  The movies in his book that are more my style, I already know about.  So in essence the book has no value for me.  So, it is off the bookcases at home and off to the used book store with this one. 

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