Saturday, March 29, 2014

Music Review: ****Mama's Big Ones: Mama Cass

Mama Cass Elliot was a musical icon that we lost too early.  She died of a heart attack while on tour in London in 1974.
She released this album after she had started her solo career, the Mama and Papas had broken up but still released a couple albums to fulfill their contract.  This album was released in 1970.  It has some of Mama Cass's most popular songs, mixed with a few new ones.  Most of the most popular songs are packed at the beginning of the Album, "Getting Better Every day" "Dream a Little Dream of Me" and "Make Your Own Kind of Music."  "Dream a Little Dream of Me" is a song that was written in 1931 and recorded numerous times, first as a big band number.  Elliot recorded this song with The Mamas and the Papas and also as a solo number.  She added something special to the song, singing it in a slow and mellow fashion which is very satisfying.
I really like the positive message from "Make Your Own Kind of Music."
You gotta make your own kind of music
sing your own special song,
make your own kind of music even if nobody
else sings along.

Mama Cass  also expressed some of her political beliefs in her music.  Such was "New World Coming"

Yes a new world's coming
The one we've had visions of
Coming in peace, coming in joy, coming in love

Mama Cass Elliot was a true talent.  Her singing is some of the most beautiful this world has ever known.  She had to find her own way, and had challenges with weight.  In a real sense this may have killed her.  She had lost over 100 pounds before she died, but in losing so much weight she had weakened her heart.  

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