Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Movie Review: Shirley Temple in ***^The Littlest Colonel (1935)

This is a movie about family relationships, and coming to terms with our feelings and pride so we can have love within our families.  This is a post Civil War movie.  Colonel Loyd (Lionel Barrymore) becomes upset when his daughter runs off and marries a Yankee.  He swears to never speak to her again.  His daughter, and granddaughter return to the home some years later, while her husband tries to make something of himself in the West.  They had been with him before coming home, and while in the West Lloyd Sherman (Shirley Temple) had been adopted by a regiment and made an honorary colonel.  After returning she has relationships with her grandfather, but not her mother.  It is going to take some major crisis for people to cross this bridge.  Other noted stars are Hatie McDaniel who works as a house servant, nannie, and will later be the first African American to win an Oscar.  Bill Robinson aka Bo Jangles performs a couple a tap numbers which are enough to enjoy this movie.  He and SHirley Temple perform a number going up the stairs which is delightful.

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