Thursday, January 28, 2016

Music Review: Neil Diamond: Cherry Cherry Christmas, 2009

Cherry Cherry Christmas Neil Diamond 2009  This is a great collection of songs.  I don’t even know if Neil IDamond is CHritian (“The Chanukah Son” is included in the set) but the music is well done.  He starts with a parody of some of his own songs.  “Cherry Cherry Christmas” is a humorous son where the titles of many Neil Diamond Songs appear throughout such as “Don’t have a song sung blue year.”  I especially like “You Make It Fell Like Christmas” as Diamond sings of people who bring the Christmas spirit all year.  “Christmas Dream” is also very well done, and gives a depth of loving and worshipping Jesus at Christmas.  There is a short instrumental “Meditations on a Winter Night” that is also enjoyable.  Diamond also presents his version of “Amazing Grace.”  This is a show stopper. 

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