Sunday, January 3, 2016

Movie review: **The Lost Medallion (2013

The theme behind this show is good.  That we all have worth.  This is a story told to a group of foster children, and draws them all into the story as characters.  The story told is about a medallion with secret powers.  However it only works for one with a pure heart.  A man and has family over many generations long for the medallion, even killing a king, however it was hidden and never found.  Billy Stone (Billy Unger) discovers the medallion in modern times, but accidentally sends himself and Allie (Sammy Hanratty) back in time, where the enter the plot to track down the medallion with a ruler intent on killing all in his way.  He does get the medallion, but it doesn't work for him.  The question is can Billy and Allie, and new friends, Huko (James Hong) and Faleaka (Jansen Panettiere) get the medallion back, despite risk to themselves facing an army and an evil ruler with a molten cellar where he throws his victims.
This movie had a good story, and would have been better with better acting and better character development.

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